Why Valletta is the Ideal Shopping Destination?

Find out why you should choose Valletta as your shopping destination trip to Malta –

Reason no. 1: Plenty of Shops!

There are plenty of shops in Valletta, being the capital of Malta. One will find fashion shops, jewellery shops, gadget shops, makeup shops, souvenir shops, local food specialty shops, art, music… and anything else any other capital city holds.  If you keep on reading, we highlighted a few streets where most shops are located.


Reason no. 2: Plenty of safe spaces to stroll around

What is great about shopping in Valletta, is that most of the main shopping streets are pedestrianised, so you can enjoy the relaxed and stress-free environment as you wander from shop to shop!

Republic Street is main shopping street in the beating heart of the capital. It is home to many international shopping brands and stores from high fashion to beauty and homeware.

Merchants’ Street is also a top high fashion destination, however whilst you amble down this street make sure you check out Camilleri’s sweet shop, which is one of the oldest confectionery shops on the islands.

Finally, St Lucia Street, which connects both Republic and Merchants’ Street, it is a picturesque alleyway lined with some of Valletta’s finest jewellery stores.

Further along St. Lucia Street you will also find Valletta’s largest shopping complex, The Embassy which roofs under it international names, along with some interesting independent boutiques. The Embassy and The Savoy Shopping Centre on Republic Street are always good destinations on the rare occasions that this sunshine isle sees a shower or two.


Reason no. 3: Plenty of Cafeteria’s for a pit-stop … & why not lunch!

You need replenishment whilst you shop, and Valletta has plenty of cafes and restaurants to choose from to grab a coffee, a spot for lunch or dinner. Risette on Old Theatre Street is perfectly situated under the watchful eye of the Lady of Mount Carmel Church to provide the perfect respite from the vibrant hustle of Valletta’s shops.

Risette’s relaxing modern surroundings along with an attention to detail from the fine menu to the sumptuous plate that’s served, will make sure you take a break from flexing that credit card.


Reason no. 4: Combine shopping with sightseeing in beautiful Valletta city!

Yes Valletta indeed is soaked in history, and there are several main attractions within walking distance from each other. This is an added bonus as you can can take a break and pop into some gardens like the Upper Barrakka & Lower Barrakka gardens for some panoramic views.

Other main attractions you can visit are St John’s Co-Cathedral, Manoel Theatre, The Grandmaster’s Palace, The City Gate, The Triton Fountain, The National Museum of Archaeology, Casa Rocca Piccola & The Malta Postal Museum.