January Is Time For Valletta’s International Baroque Festival

There’s always something exciting taking place in Valletta no matter what time of the year it is, and that includes January, even when it’s supposed to be the most quiet time of the year Valletta is full of cheer and celebration. This January the Valletta International Baroque Festival will take place between the 11th and the 26th. The 2019 Festival is the 7th Edition.

What is the International Baroque Festival?

The two-week celebration of music and culture takes place in some of Valletta’s most historical and grand Baroque buildings, with Teatru Manoel as the epicentre of the festival. The sentiment behind the festival is to bring back to life the baroque period in which Valletta was built. Events will also take place in St. John’s Co- Cathedral and the Grandmaster’s Palace, and in total the festival will be held in 18 locations whilst offering 36 magical performances. The full programme of music can be seen on the festival’s website that is indeed very visually appealing and features Baroque works of art. You can also see more information about all of the performers and the venues.

What can I watch during Valletta’s 2019 Baroque Festival?

The music that will be showcased is classical music, played on instruments such as the lute and entire orchestras; there will also be opera and theatrical performances. It will be a truly immersive live music experience for anyone that has the pleasure of attending any of the concerts as the sounds resonate around the historical buildings that all create fantastic acoustics.

Each of the performances will take place in the afternoon or early evening with up to three performances a day in different venues. There are also some very special tickets available to “Meet the Artist”, which is a new feature of the festival for this year. Guests can book for these special events after a performance, so that they can meet the performers whilst enjoying some drinks and nibbles, and perhaps talk about the performance, the performers’ background and take a photo or two.

Where to eat & stay during the Valletta Baroque Festival?

In between performances, visitors to the festival can enjoy some of Valletta’s fantastic bars and restaurants. Lunch at Risette is the perfect match for such fine music and to carry on the culture trip. Opposite the Carmelite Church, Risette has wonderful scenery to enjoy alongside a meal not so far from what our ancestors may have eaten in the Baroque period; meat, fish, duck, suckling pig – coupled with more modern and unique dishes like the innovative goats cheese ice-cream!

A grand festival deserves grand accommodation to keep you comfortable and relaxed during your time in Valletta. Casa Ellul boutique hotel offers a choice of 9 luxury suites, but we would certainly recommend the Piano Nobile suite to continue the musical theme of your time at the Baroque festival so that you can recreate some of the music on the suite’s own antique piano. Or simply enjoy the city’s architecture from the balcony. Casa Ellul and Risette are in the heart of Valletta and are easily reached from any of the venues of the Baroque festival.