Why Risette Is Ideal For Solo Diners

Valletta is a great city to explore solo. There is so much to see and do, it’s easy to get around, it’s safe, and there are plenty of local bars where you will be welcomed with open arms. There’s a fantastic art scene where you can meet fellow creatives too, and lots of places to hang out and watch the world go by.

When You Want To Dine Alone, Risette Is Ideal

Maybe you’re travelling as part of a group and just fancy some “me-time” for the evening. Perhaps you’re in Valletta for business and need to find some good food, or perhaps you’re travelling through Europe on an adventure of a life time. Whatever your reasons for dining alone, there are certain things that we know solo diners love and hate, and we do all we can at Risette to make solo dining the memorable experience it should be!

Some restaurants treat solo diners as less important because they won’t generate the big bill that a group can. Other over-fuss, because they think anyone eating on their own must be an inspector or food-critic. Over-servicing, or being ignored, are the two biggest dissatisfiers for solo diners. We see it as a huge compliment that solo diners would choose to visit Risette, and we do as much as possible to show our appreciation and make you feel welcome.

Great Service & A Good Atmosphere

All Risette guests are treated like VIPs, but our solo diners in particularly are well looked after by our team. We will give you just the amount of attention you’d like! If you want to talk about how your trip is going or learn about the surrounding area, we’ll always have a few tips for you. If you’d rather the peace and quiet to stare out of the window and watch the world go by, we’ll let you have the time you need to enjoy your meal, that you have everything you need and that you know we are just a moment away for your next request.


Treat Yourself To Fine Food & Wine

If you’re only in Valletta for a short time, why not indulge yourself with some of the finest food from around the world, with no one to tell you what you should and shouldn’t eat! Try something completely new – perhaps you’ve always wondered about caviar or are tempted by truffles. There will always be something rare and unique on the Risette menu. Plus, you can enjoy fine wine all to yourself, so go for something special from the wine list – we can help you choose based on your personal preferences.

You can stay at your table as long as you like, enjoying a three or four course meal, drinks, coffee – whatever you would like. If you want to stay the night too, consider booking in one of the luxury suites at Casa Ellul, the boutique hotel paired with Risette. We look forward to welcoming you!