Risette’s Red Wine Guide

If you’re new to choosing fine wine then don’t despair, our guide below tells you the basics that you need to know about choosing a quality red wine to accompany your meals and to suit your personal tastes.

Red Wine Boldness & Body Type

The boldness of a red wine tends to be related to where the wine has originated from – i.e where the grapes were grown. Red wines produced in cooler climates are more likely to be lighter, whereas bolder wines are more likely to be those produced in warmer climates. There are three widely recognized categories for red wines: light-bodied, usually made up of red fruit flavours, medium-bodied that may be made of a combination of flavours, and full-bodied made up of black fruit flavours.

You can choose the boldness of your red wine based on the flavours that you’re most fond of, but also based on the flavours that will best complement the food you’re eating. We have picked some very high quality vintage wines from the most popular grape types to help you choose something suitable – we have over 30 different red wine options on our menu, and have divided the menu into explanatory sections for you from expressive reds, to complex reds, to iconic and fruity and distinguished.

Most Popular Types Of Red Wines

There are hundreds if not thousands of varieties of red wines from all different kinds of vineyards around the world. But there is a fairly standard selection of popular choices that can be found on any good wine list, and we have selected some of the best for Risette’s wine list.

Merlot: a fruity Merlot is one of the most popular red wines in current times and is often well-received by those that don’t normally favour red wine over white, because of its light fruity flavours such as strawberry, plum, cherry and watermelon. The Merlot we have selected for the Risette wine list is a 2014 Maltese wine “Nexus”, because wherever possible, we like to use locally sourced ingredients and Nexus is a fine example of a delicious Merlot that goes well with any of our dishes.

Shiraz: we recommend our full-bodied, Australian Penfolds 389 2009 Shiraz with our red meat and game dishes, especially those flavoured with fresh wild herbs. Shiraz has a peppery flavour to it along with rich plum and blackberry notes. We also offer a lighter, fruitier Shiraz, also Australian – the D’Arenberg 2010 Shiraz to accompany lighter meats and seafood.

Rioja: our Spanish Rioja is an expressive wine and a very popular choice too! Rioja drinkers love its oak aged taste and vanilla notes.

Risette’s Recommendations

If you are new to pairing wine with food, or simply fancy trying something different from your usual choice, our front-of-house team at Risette are all very qualified to offer you suggestions for red wine to complement your menu choices, from appetizers through to dessert. Not only have we hand-picked our day-to-day wine list to complement our food style, but we also source special wines from time to time for you to try something different. Just ask your server for some tips and tell us what you normally like to drink and we’ll be happy to help you select the style of wine to suit your taste.