5 Food Luxuries You Can Find At Risette

If you are going to spend time and money dining out, you will want the experience to be something special, particularly if you’re with a romantic partner or celebrating a special milestone. Whilst it’s nice to meet up with friends over a simple pizza or pasta to save you cooking from time to time, there is another level to dining-out that is more about enjoying an entire experience, particularly if you choose a fine dining restaurant like Risette in the beautiful capital city of Malta, Valletta.

The Risette menu is created by Chef Andrew Borg, and changes on a weekly basis depending on Andrew’s feeling for the food and what is seasonally available. He uses only the finest ingredients in the dishes, and the below selection is a sample of just some of the luxury and gourmet foods that regularly appear on the menu.


Oysters are the perfect entrée to a romantic meal – after all, they are a well-known aphrodisiac. The important thing about enjoying oysters is that they are fresh and chosen from areas where the climate and temperature is perfect at the precise time of year you’re eating them. Risette choose cold-water oysters from prime areas to ensure that the taste, texture and the eating experience are optimum at the time of your visit. Recently on the snacks menu was ‘Gillardeau oyster with cucumber and lime juice’, produced by a small private oyster specialist in Western France.


Risette sources ingredients not just locally, but from around Europe too. Scottish lobster is considered the most premium lobster in the world due to its size and taste; of course, Chef Andrew Borg imports fresh lobster from Scotland to Malta to create the best dishes. Lobster is widely considered the “king of shellfish” and a premium dish to choose when dining-out; but the Risette chef doesn’t just serve it on its own, surrounded by salad. One of his recent main dishes was ‘Suckling pig accompanied by a side of lobster and yuzu’.


Caviar is well-known as a popular delicacy among the wealthy usually eaten on its own on a cracker. It’s unusual to be able to enjoy caviar as part of a meal, as many chefs will struggle to find a creative way to use it or justify the cost. Risette recently offered a delicious starter of ‘smoked haddock cream with sturgeon caviar, prawn tartar and dashi’.


Truffles can be exceptionally hard to come by and have been referred to as “the diamond of the kitchen” and throughout history have been popular among royalty. Because the Risette chef is well-connected in the gastronomical world, he is able to source such rare ingredients easily and as he wishes. Risette often pair truffles with premium meat and seafood dishes such as Rock Fish and Ocean Beef to create rich flavours.

Truffles at Risette


What romantic meal or celebration would be complete without champagne? Risette have an extensive wine menu with a champagne section to please everyone. Featuring world-famous brands such as Tattinger, Bollinger and Dom Perignon, including aged/vintage champagne from 2002 onwards.

Don’t just go out for a meal next time you dine-out, go for an experience in the sleek, casual surroundings of Risette and sample some of the best delicacies in the world!